Sara is one of the most selfless, loving, honest, and intuitive people I have ever met. It is clear that her guidance and advice come from a place of hard work in that she has done work on herself and seen positive outcomes in her own life enough to share her bounty of experience.

For Sara, encouraging me seemed to come naturally. We had one hour phone sessions every other week for about six months. In that time the transformation I've experienced in my life has been overwhelming. She helped put me on a healthy mental road that would lead me to get everything I've ever wanted out of my life. Things that I believed to be absolutely unattainable, or literally non existent, have come to pass in the blink of an eye, sometimes too fast for me to even process my new reality in front of me. She helped unravel my unhealthy mental processing methods and gave me tools to retrain my mind so my life can continue on that healthy road.

There is no doubt in my mind that my reaching out to Sara was divine timing. My relationships with God, food, family, and physical health have been realigned in a truly supernatural way. Once I started implementing her suggestions, the universe started to rain down life altering blessings. The best part about her helping me to shift my path in life is that I am living a new beginning.

Thank you Sara for being an intercessor for me; for speaking things into my life when I was unable to, for your endless patience and love, for your earnest desire for me to experience all the goodness that life can bring, for seeing my true needs through my mess, and most of all for believing in me. I could never repay you for the goodness that has come into my life.


I have had unhealthy relationships with both food and my body for most of my life. Over the past six months, Sara has equipped me with the tools, and more importantly, the confidence to undergo my healing process with both.  

From mindful eating, to breathing exercises and stretches, to being present in the current moment, Sara has been instrumental in my quest to becoming the happiest and healthiest version of me that I can be. 

Sara is patient, kind, smart, level-headed, and genuine. She has gone through an incredible journey herself making her more than over-qualified to help others. Sara is a beautiful soul and I am eternally grateful for her love and support. Sara is the real deal. 


Sara came into several of my sophomore High School Health classes as a guest speaker.  Sara was able to give my students a new perspective on transforming the stigma surrounding mental health. Sara spoke about her incredible journey.  Through her story of struggle, transformation, resiliency, and accomplishment, she was able to show my students that mental health is not something to be ashamed of.  Sara was able to combine her years as a woman living with depression, anxiety, and a severe eating disorder with her compassion and sense of humor to keep my students engaged.  I truly believe there is nothing more powerful than young people connecting with other young people about mental health, and encouraging them that seeking help is not a weakness but actually a great strength. If my students absorbed even one small aspect of Saras advice and example of courage, it will have made a monumental difference in their lives. Her personal story really resonated with my students and I cannot wait to have Sara back in my class next year!


Sara has been working with my teenage daughter for over six months and has had a wonderful impact.  She has been a compassionate, understanding outlet for my daughter to speak and connect with, has helped her understand what was driving her behavior, and provided coping skills to help her.   She has also helped me understand what my daughter has been experiencing.  My daughter has made positive lifestyle changes and, most importantly, I see a vast improvement in her mood, attitude, and outlook.  I couldn’t be more grateful!