Part Two: Getting Back in the Drivers Seat

Journal Assignments:

Releasing your shame: This is such a powerful writing exercise. Write out the your body that bring you the most shame and why in a list make sure to skip a line underneath each one. Then go back to each one individually and write below it, I LOVE YOU! I FORGIVE YOU! Now go into a meditation and bring each one of those things up, feel each area of your body that you wrote down and say again, I LOVE YOU! I FORGIVE YOU! Keep saying it, keep writing it. Write it as many times as you have to in order to really feel it. I LOVE YOU! I FORGIVE YOU!

Taking the control back through fiction: We all have things in our lives that we hold onto because we wish they had gone differently. Things that eat away at us and feel impossible to let go of. I know I do. I am pro accepting and letting go but I am also pro living it out to move forward. Since we can't re live the past and actually live things out in reality, writing out a fictionalized account of what I wish had happened, tying a bow neatly around the situation, has done wonders for me. Sometimes I'll even go into a story thinking I'm going to write something to turn out one way and it goes in a completely different direction. When you do this you must make sure that you do it with the intention of healing and moving forward. Be in an environment that feels calm and good and super healing for you. Let the scents around you be calming and healing. Everything is directed towards healing and moving forward. Often times you will be surprised by what will come out of you.