Part Three: Healing the Relationship with Food

Journal Assignments:

What emotions are your food bringing up?: Try this after a meal or at the end of the day. Write out what emotions you noticed as you were eating. Did a certain food make you feel a certain way? Did you notice yourself being unable to let go of a previous label you put on the food? How did you manage the emotion? Are you willing to change your relationship around it? Do not put any judgement on yourself with this exercise. This is all about becoming more conscious of how you feel. The more conscious you are the better you will be able to move through it.

Healing Trigger Foods: This is similar to the same exercise we did in the previous section. Write out a list of foods that trigger you and why. Leave some space under each one. Now go back and write about positive and mundane qualities of the food. Write YOU ARE JUST FOOD. I LOVE YOU! I FORGIVE YOU! Even if you hate the food I want you to do this. We want to ease the emotion around it, once again changing the conversation. You can also do a meditation on this as well and bring up the food in your mind compliment it and tell it you forgive it and recognize that it is just food.