Part One: Building The Foundation

Journal Assignments:

Morning Pages: Morning Pages are a type of journaling that comes from the book, "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron. When doing morning pages traditionally you wake up and immediately before doing anything else put pen to paper and write out three pages in your journal without stopping or thinking. You can absolutely do that. I have done it at various times in the past and it really brought up a lot for me and helped me to release and heal so much. However, I believe in making things a little more accessible and less daunting. If doing morning pages in the traditional sense seems completely impossible for you, especially with it being added on top of all of the other work we will be doing, than I say do it in a way that will work for you. What I do is I make sure I journal one page (without stopping or thinking) every day at any time in the day. This is what I recommend for you as we go throughout the program. At the very least I ask that you commit to doing this for the first week. 

Gratitude Lists: Fill one page a day with things that you are grateful for. For a more detailed explantation on this please refer back to the, "Building Your Foundation" video.