Part Four: Reigniting Your Passions

Journal Assignments

What brought you the most joy in your life? Write in detail the specific moments that you recall brought you the most joy. Include every little detail down to what you were doing, what you were wearing, how you felt, what was the environment like? Meditate on this moment. Bring it up in your head. Feel it fully. Now go back to the page and list out activities or anything that would bring that feeling back to you. Taking a dance class? Painting? Starting a blog? Swimming? List it all out and I want you to choose at least two things on that list and START DOING IT! It can be as simple as having a private dance party with yourself every day. DO THINGS THAT INSPIRE YOU AND BRING YOU GIDDY CHILDLIKE HAPPINESS!!

What does your dream life look like?  Reach for the stars here. I mean really, I want you to write out the biggest fantasy you can think of. Hope to be doing an interview with Oprah someday? Want to move to Italy and take cooking classes? Be a famous author on the New York Times Best Sellers list? Start a family? AMAZING! WRITE IT OUT! Do not hold back here. I am serious! This assignment is for big time dreams. Bring the feeling these dreams give you into your meditations. Do a vision board. No matter how big the dream is if it gives you excitement I want you to focus on it more. Bring it into your current reality.